Free and Developer accounts?

As a newly registered developer to Cosync, you are automatically part of the Hobbyist account program. As a hobbyist, you are allowed up to twenty development applications limited to fifty users each for the CosyncJWT service. This is usually sufficient to experiment with the authentication system, and see if it meets your requirements.

In order to support commercial applications that support more than fifty users using CosyncJWT, you will need to upgrade from a “free” account to a paid Developer subscription. The base price for a Developer subscription is six dollars $6 per month, or $60/year. This base subscription includes up to 5000 CosyncJWT users across all commercial applications.

When the user count for commercial applications exceeds 5000 registered users, the developer is charged $1 per 1000 users per month, on a pay-as-you-go plan. All user charges are billed monthly.

To upgrade to a paid subscription, go to the Accounts tab in the profile portion of the Cosync Portal.

The Cosync Storage module is only available with a paid Developer account.


Hit the Upgrade Now button, to subscribe to a developer subscription - the choice is to either pay $6/monthly or $60/yearly.