How much does the Cosync service cost?

The Cosync prices are both affordable and straightforward. For the Cosync Engine, the pricing is bundled as part of the Developer subscription cost, which is $6/month or $60/year. This pricing includes access to updates to the Cosync Engine and to technical support. For the Cosync Engine there are no caps on the number of applications, or the number of users.

For CosyncJWT, the pricing is based on the number of users that are authenticated within a MongoDB Realm application. This is a SAAS system, and Cosync has server cost associated with the authentication service.

The hobbyist Cosync service is free – and offers a developer up to three development applications limited to 50 users each for the CosyncJWT authentication service.

The developer Cosync subscription is $6 per month (or $60/year) and includes up to five thousand users for CosyncJWT, which can be spread over any number of applications. The developer charge can either occur monthly at a rate of $6 per month, or yearly at a rate of $60 per year.

The cost of the CosyncJWT service is based on the number of active authenticated users. If the total number of users exceeds five thousand 5000, the developer is charged at a rate of $0.001 per user per month - or $1 per 1000 per month. The pay-as-you-go user charges are always levied on a monthly basis.

A developer can suspend their paid subscription. When that happens, the developer will be charged for all accrued pay-as-you-go user charges and login services to the developer’s applications through CosyncJWT will be suspended.

The cost chart of for CosyncJWT is outlined below:

Example Type Subscription User Cost
3 apps < 50 users Hobbyist Free none
4,000 users Developer $6/month none
20,000 users Developer $6/month $15/month
90,000 users Developer $6/month $85/month