Realm Service Id

To be able to configure the Cosync Storage module for a MongoDB Realm Application, the developer will need to retrieve the Realm Service Id for the associated MongoDB Atlas cluster. The Realm Service Id is needed by the Cosync Portal to install server-side functions in to the MongoDB Realm Application remotely. Unfortunately, this identifier is a little harder to retrieve from the Realm Application Portal - but not impossible.

In the example shown below, the Service Id is equal to ‘60017171f02e41994a45c0d9’.

First, the developer should go to the Rules section of the MongoDB Application portal, as shown below.


Second, the developer should go to the browser window address bar and scroll all the way to the right. Then the developer should copy the hexadecimal string between the path component dataSources and the path component rules - in our example ‘60017171f02e41994a45c0d9’. This is the Service Id for the MongoDB Realm Application - TestApplication - that should be saved to a separate file for the configuration of the Cosync Storage module.