Sample Application

We provide a number Sample applications for both the Cosync Storage module and the CosyncJWT service. All of the Cosync Sample Application Code is open source, and is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

The first step is to go to our public GitHub repository and download the code examples to your machine CosyncSamples.

The directory structure of the CosyncSamples GitHub repository contains samples for both the Cosync Storage and CosyncJWT services. These samples are for the three languages bindings: Swift on iOS, Kotlin on Android, and ReactNative for cross-platform.

├── CosyncStorage
│   ├── Swift
│   ├── Kotlin
│   └── React-Native
└── CosyncJWT
    ├── Swift
    ├── Kotlin
    └── React-Native

To clone the Sample Application repository from GitHub onto your local machine type:

	git clone