CosyncJWT for iOS

How to set up the CosyncJWT Sample App for iOS


To get started go to the directory CosyncSamples/CosyncJWT/Swift and open the Xcode project called CosyncJWTiOS.xcodeproj.

Then you need to navigate to the file called Constants.swift to configure your application.


From the CosyncJWT Portal, you should copy the following information to the constants file

  • Realm App Id
  • App Token

Your Constants.swift file should look something like this


After you have edited your constants.swift file, you can now run the sample app in the simulator, and signup your first user. You do not need to enter and invite code.


The system will send the user an email with a code, which you enter in the following screen.


Congratulations, you have now signed up your first user.