What is Cosync?


Cosync is a developer extension to the MongoDB Realm database to facilitate collaborative programming quickly and reliably.

Presently, Cosync includes four functional modules:

  • Cosync Storage
  • Cosync JWT
  • Cosync Portal
  • Cosync REST Service

The Cosync Storage is packaged as a collection of data models, server-side triggers and functions, and client side application code to bridge the gap between Amazon S3 and MongoDB Realm.

The Cosync Storage’s client side application code is designed for mobile application development and supports bindings for the three most popular languages and operating systems.

  • Swift - iOS and OSX
  • Kotlin - Android
  • React-Native - Cross platform iOS/Android

CosyncJWT is an authentication provider for developers building applications on top of MongoDB Realm. It is a based on JSON Web Tokens which is an industry standard RFC 7519 method for representing claims between two parties. CosyncJWT provides secure user authentication and identity management through an RSA encrypted public/private key protocol, which it manages on behalf of the developer. CosyncJWT works seamlessly with MongoDB Realm, and is an excellent JWT solution for providing user metadata to a collaborative application.

The Cosync Portal provides a developer with a central administration panel for all their Cosync powered applications. It handles MongoDB Realm Application configuration, application settings, metering of CosyncJWT users, and billing. The Cosync Portal is a web interface. In order to use the service, a developer must register an account through the Cosync Portal website at Cosync Portal. In order to use the Cosync Storage module, the developer must register as a paid Developer to Cosync.

The Cosync REST Service is a REST API used to support the CosyncJWT authentication service. It is callable by the client side application.