JWT Email Extensions

JWT Email Extensions #

The JWT Email Extensions section within the JWT tab of the Cosync Portal serves the purpose of altering the return email address used to verify a user’s email authenticity during the signup process when the signup flow is either Code or Link. In the SANDBOX environment, the default email is noreply@cosync.io. However, it is common for developers to prefer a customized address like noreply@xyzsoft.com, especially if they work for XYZSoft.


Configuring this override is a straightforward process. Firstly, the developer requires a SendGrid account and a SendGrid API key. Secondly, they need to provide a reply email (e.g., noreply@xyzsoft.com) and verify that this email sender identity is duly registered with their SendGrid account.


By following these steps, developers can seamlessly personalize the return email address, enhancing the branding and user experience for their application’s signup process.