Introduction for Realm Developers

Introduction for Realm Developers #

This introduction explains the CoSync product for Realm developers. If you are not familiar with Realm or would like more info, you can find out more about Realm here. After reading, you should understand

  • What is CoSync and what problems does it solve,
  • How CoSync interacts with MongoDB App Services and Realm,
  • The benefits of CoSync compared to other potential solutions.

What Problem Does CoSync Solve? #

Realm developers face a number of unique challenges. While the handling of data in a local database as well as cloud sync functionality is taken care of in an amazing package with Realm, additional building blocks help for

  • handling JWT authentication,
  • including a robust login flow including 2FA and custom password reset mechanisms,
  • uploading locally stored images and videos and then accessing those stored assets across synced devices.

Reinventing the wheel in order to provide robust standard building blocks is unnecessary. You could solve each of these problems on your own with your own solutions, or you could implement CoSync to get going quickly with the aspects of your app unique rather than implementing the standard functionality of most apps.

Find out more about how CoSync building blocks can help you out in the overview.