Swift Bindings

Swift Bindings #

The Cosync AssetLink system extends solid support for Apple’s Swift, neatly bundling the intricacies of Cosync MongoDB functional programming into a public Swift Package aptly named CosyncAssetLinkSwift. Each API call finds expression as a Swift asynchronous function, allowing seamless integration into client Swift applications. Notably, a sample Swift application, CosyncAssetLinkSwiftDemo, is generously shared as a public GitHub repository. Both the Swift Package and the demo application adhere to an open-source ethos, governed by the Apache license.

CosyncAssetLinkSwift SDK #

You can locate the CosyncAuthSwift package at the following url


To incorporate this package into your Swift application, be sure to add it using “File -> Add Package Dependencies…” in Xcode.

CosyncAssetLinkSwiftDemo Application #

You can locate the CosyncAssetLinkSwiftDemo application at the following url. To acquire this package on your local machine, utilize the git clone command for cloning.

    git clone git@github.com:Cosync/CosyncAssetLinkSwiftDemo.git

To run this program, simply edit the constants.swift file. The sample MongoDB Realm project that is provided will run as well.