Create Application

Create Application #

As a developer, you have the chance to explore the robustness of the Cosync JWT authentication system through the SANDBOX area in the Cosync Portal. Within this secure environment, you can freely create up to 20 applications, each supporting up to 50 users, enabling you to become intimately familiar with the inner workings of Cosync JWT. Additionally, you’ll have the privilege of installing up to 5 instances of the highly regarded Cosync Storage module. This exceptional opportunity offers you the chance to gain hands-on experience and delve into the technical intricacies of Cosync JWT. So, seize the moment and take this invitation to venture into the world of Cosync JWT at your own pace. Happy exploring!


Create a Cosync App #

Developing a Cosync application through the Cosync Portal is remarkably straightforward. To initiate the process, simply click the `Create New App`` button situated in the SANDBOX tab of the interface. Each application you build necessitates a corresponding entry within the Cosync Portal, acting as the repository for its authenticated users. This application can either reside within the SANDBOX environment or on a self-hosted server that remains under your control as the developer. The Cosync Portal empowers you to configure and manage the authentication parameters associated with your application. In the following example, you’ll craft an application named TotoApplication.


SANDBOX vs Self-Hosted #

As a developer, it is essential to furnish a unique application name, ensuring its distinctiveness within the subset of applications owned by you on the SANDBOX or a designated self-hosted server.

Congratulations, you have created your first application:


Using the SANDBOX comes at no cost and serves as an ideal platform for your evaluation of the Cosync JWT technology as a developer. Once you are confident that Cosync JWT aligns with your project’s requirements, the next step involves setting up a self-hosted Cosync JWT server – a straightforward process. The inherent advantage of the self-hosted solution lies in the complete control you, as a developer, possess over all user authentication data, which operates within your infrastructure. Unlike SAAS authentication solutions, the self-hosted Cosync JWT server does not entail any pay-per-user fees; the expenses are limited to your server installation costs, which are comparably economical.