Cosync is a set of programmable extensions for the MongoDB Realm real-time mobile database. Its purpose is to greatly facilitate the development of collaborative programs for mobile and desktop clients that need to access shared data and assets in a secure fashion.

MongoDB Realm is the leading offline-first synchronizing platform for developing collaborative cross-platform applications that do not require continuous connectivity. It is a real-time client side database that allows mobile or desktop apps to synchronize data to a MongoDB Atlas cluster. The Beta version of MongoDB Realm was released in June 2020, and has steadily been improving ever since. This platform is truly transformational because it is ushering in a whole new class of computing — notably collaborative software — where multiple users access shared data in a structured architected fashion.

At Cosync, Inc we are building a number of collaborative extensions on top of the MongoDB Realm real-time database. Although MongoDB Realm is a truly revolutionary product, learning how to master it can still be a daunting task for the average developer. Cosync provides the middleware infrastructure for collaboration that bridges the gap between MongoDB Realm and the application code. Its goal is to provide useful and reusable functionality that would otherwise have to be written by most if not all MongoDB Realm developers. For the most part the code is open source, but there is a recurring, predictable, and affordable fee the server side synchronization component.