Try it first #

As a newly registered developer to CoSync, you are automatically part of the Free account program. This is usually sufficient to experiment with the authentication system and other blocks and see if they meet your requirements.

Free Use #

To help you get started and evaluate CoSync, your account starts as a hobbyist account with free use. The Free program is available through the sand box.

With this account you are able to utilize:

  • Up to 20 CoSync Apps
  • Auth up to 50 users per App
  • AssetLink up to 5 Apps

Developer #

  • Cosync Auth Self hosted
    • Unlimited users
    • Up to three hosts
    • $19/month (yearly)
    • $29/month (monthly)
  • AssetLink
    • Unlimited on all hosts (including Sandbox)

In order to support self-hosted instances of CoSync Auth Server that support more than fifty users using CoSync Auth, you will need to upgrade from a “free” account to a paid Developer subscription. The base price for a Developer subscription is $19/month billed annually, or $29/month billed monthly. This base subscription includes up to 3 hosts per account.

The CoSync AssetLink module is only available with a Free account, up to 5 app installs.


Hit the Upgrade Now button, to subscribe to a developer subscription - the choice is to either pay $29/monthly or $228/yearly.