Cosync Portal

How to signup to the Cosync Portal?

It is free to signup to the Cosync Portal website and to start experimenting with the CosyncJWT authentication service. The first step is to go to Cosync Portal.

Once the portal is loaded, simply go to the Create Account tab.

The Cosync REST API provides a runtime service through which a MongoDB Realm desktop/mobile application can perform user authentication.


Once you have completed the Register information, you will be sent an email to the account you registered with for confirmation.


Click on the link to complete signup into Cosync. You are now ready to start using both the Cosync Engine and the CosyncJWT authentication system.

The following video shows how this is done.

The legal usage of the Cosync Portal is regulated by the following Service Level Agreement.

In order to use the Cosync Storage module, the developer will have to upgrade their free account to a paid Developer account.