Application Settings

How to configure an application

The Application view within the Cosync Portal presents three tabs from which a developer can manage an application. These three tabs include

  • Settings
  • MongoDB Realm
  • Application Usage

The Settings tab presents the high level settings for the application.


This tab includes:

  • App Id
  • App Name
  • App Type
  • App Status
  • JWT Enable
  • Reset
  • Delete

The App Id is a 32-byte unique identifier assigned to the application by Cosync Portal at the time it is created - it cannot be changed. The App Name is a human readable name that describes the application - it is usually recommended to give it the same name as the associated MongoDB Realm Application. The App Type is either development or commercial - it can be upgraded in the Settings tab. The App Status is either active, inactive, suspended, or blocked. Only applications with an active status can authenticate users on behalf of a MongoDB Realm application. The developer can choose to set an active application to inactive to temporarily suspend pay-as-you-go charges to an application, or to simply disable login on an application. The application status for commercial applications is set to suspended if the developer fails to pay their bill. The blocked status is set by Cosync if the applications terms of use are violated for some reason.

The MongoDB Realm tab is used to set the MongoDB Realm Application Id for the Cosync Application. It also includes controls to configure a MongoDB Realm application for both the Cosync Storage and the CosyncJWT services. This tab is discussed below in another section.

The JWT Users tab is used to view the CosyncJWT users who are using the Cosync Application. This tab provides a list of all the users for the Application that have signed up through CosyncJWT.

Lastly, the Settings tab provides functionality to delete the application, should the developer no longer want it. The developer can also reset the application by clearing all its users and data.


If an application status is set to blocked, the developer can petition Cosync to reinstate the app by contacting us directly.