Create Application

Create Application

The purpose of the Cosync system is to provide Amazon S3 asset storage to an application built on top of MongoDB Realm through the Cosync Storage module, along with secure authentication services through CosyncJWT. As mentioned earlier, a MongoDB Realm application maps onto a Cosync Application.

Creating a Cosync application within the Cosync Portal is very easy. To do so, simply press the Create New App button within the APPS tab in the interface.


The developer must provide an application name, which must be unique within the subset of applications owned by the developer. The developer must also specify whether the application should be of type development or of type commercial. Development apps are free, but are limited to 50 users. However, they can always be upgraded to commercial apps at a later date. Commercial apps are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis of $1/month per 1000 users. The developer must also specify whether the application has JWT authentication enabled or not.

After an application is created, it is added to the list of applications for the developer in the portal. To see the application details, you can click on the application in the list.